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print, display, dispfft

          print     iarg[, iarg,...]
          display   xsig, iprd[, iwtflg]
          dispfft   xsig, iprd, iwsiz[, iwtyp][, idbouti][, iwtflg]


These units will print orchestra Init-values, or produce graphic display of orchestra control signals and audio signals. Uses X11 windows if enabled, else (or if -g flag is set) displays are approximated in ascii characters.


iprd - the period of display in seconds.

iwsiz - size of the input window in samples. A window of iwsiz points will produce a Fourier transform of iwsiz/2 points, spread linearly in frequency from 0 to sr/2. iwsiz must be a power of 2, with a minimum of of 16 and a maximum of 4096. The windows are permitted to overlap.

iwtyp (optional) - window type. 0 = rectangular, 1 = hanning. The default value is 0 (rectangular).

idbout (optional) - units of output for the Fourier coefficients. 0 = magnitude, 1 = decibels. The default is 0 (magnitude).

iwtflg (optional) - wait flag. If non-zero, each display is held until released by the user. The default value is 0 (no wait).


print - print the current value of the I-time arguments (or expressions) iarg at every I-pass through the instrument.

display - display the audio or control signal xsig every iprd seconds, as an amplitude vs. time graph.

dispfft - display the Fourier Transform of an audio or control signal (asig or ksig) every iprd seconds using the Fast Fourier Transform method.


  k1 envlpx   l, .03, p3, .05, l, .5, .0l ; generate a note envelope 
     display  k1, p3 ; and display entire shape

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