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lpslot, lpinterpol

        lpslot     islot
        lpinterpol islot1,islot2,kmix


Interpolate between two lpc analysis files.


islot - number of slot to be selected [0<islot<20]

lpslot selects the slot to be use by further lp opcodes. This is the way to load and reference several analysis at the same time.

islot1 - slot where the first analysis was stored

islot2 - slot where the second analysis was stored

kmix - mix value between the two analysis. Should be between 0 and 1. 0 means analysis 1 only. 1 means analysis 2 only. Any value inbetween will produce interpolation between the filters.

lpinterpol computes a new set of poles from the interpolation between two analysis. The poles will be stored in the current lpslot and used by the next lpreson opcode.


Here is a typical orc using the opcodes:
    ipower  init      50000          ; Define sound generator
    ifreq   init      440 
    asrc    buzz      ipower,ifreq,10,1

    ktime   line      0,p3,p3        ; Define time lin
            lpslot    0              ; Read square data poles
krmsr,krmso,kerr,kcps lpread  ktime,"square.pol"                     
            lpslot  1                ; Read triangle data poles
krmsr,krmso,kerr,kcps lpread  ktime,"triangle.pol"
    kmix    line      0,p3,1         ; Compute result of mixing
            lpinterp  0,1,kmix       ; and balance power
    ares    lpreson   asrc
    aout    balance   ares,asrc
            out       aout

Marc Resibois

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